The Chinese Bible Study meets in the daycare gym from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. It is primarily conducted in Cantonese. Everyone interested is welcome!

A Scripture passage is studied in a session. Chinese Bible study usually begins with small group discussion. Then in a large group, they examine the context of the passage, do an in-depth verse-by-verse study, and reflect on what the scripture means to them and how it impacts their lives. By the grace of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, they hope to learn together with openness, see God’s presence in their lives and be spiritual companions in their walk with God.

Here are some responses from the group members:

“The Bible study is not one-way instruction. Rather, we question, listen to each other’s perspectives and discover what the scripture truly means to us.”

“I am grateful to God. Many times, I came to the Bible study bothered by some issues in life. Amazingly, God’s Words spoke to me exactly what I needed to hear. When I left, my heart was consoled, and my faith was strengthened.”

“We do not simply do an academic study on a Bible passage, we learn how the Bible is so real to our everyday life.”

“I really enjoy the small group time. We study hard, share freely and have fun with each other. I once laughed so hard that I had to wipe away tears.”

Interested to join them? They sincerely invite you to come to their meetings!

中文主日研經班每月逢第二及第四主日下午一時半至三時在地庫 daycare gym 聚會,主要語言為粵語,歡迎有興趣的弟兄弟姊妹和朋友參加。









Grace Fellowship is geared towards Chinese speaking (Primarily Cantonese, some Mandarin) brothers and sisters of St. John's. We always welcome guests and new members.

We meet every second Saturday of the month at 6 pm in the Parish Hall, beginning the evening of fellowship with a potluck dinner. This is followed by sing-along songs to praise God before we engage in discussion focusing on a wide variety of topics. Our topical discussions range from bible studies to topics like traveling, missionary trips, the need for recycling, and health. Sometimes, we schedule special topic talks given by guest speakers, or we play video presentations (In such cases, the talk or video may be conducted in English only). Once a year, we plan a fun social outing, enhancing the purpose of group bonding as we grow stronger in the Christian faith. Members also take pleasure in occasional religious movie nights, followed by a group discussion. 

From time to time, Rev. Canon Simon Li enjoys leading Grace Fellowship in biblical and spiritual topics, and even enjoys being on the occasional hot-seat for an evening of spontaneous questions.

If you would like to find out more about our fellowship, or are interested in our topical discussions, you are welcome to join us. Please inform us through the Contact Us page. We look forward to meeting newcomers!

慈恩團契是一個中文團契, 主要是為聖約翰堂說粵語及說普通話的弟兄姊妹 而設,也歡迎訪客和新教友參加。

各成員於每月第二個星期六晚上六時在教堂副堂聚會。 當晚節目以一家一餚開始,跟著有唱詩頌讃, 隨後有每次不同的主題和討論,內容包羅萬有,如查經,旅遊,還保 及 健康講座等。有時成員也一起觀看一些宗教電影, 有小組討論,分享彼此觀看後的感想。 團契也計劃能在每一年籌辦一次戶外活動, 讓各成員在信仰生命成長中,也能增進彼此的連繋。

李時雄牧師也經常出席團契,帶領一些聖經和信仰專題, 甚至即時為團友解答一些信仰題問。