Arcus Fellowship is a collaboration of multiple church youth groups who gather together in the name of God. The fellowship aims to create a community that is engaging for youth and young adults. The purpose of Arcus is to make new friends, deepen relationships with one another, and grow together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Originating as a joint church topical discussion and worship group, Arcus has grown to delve deep into how they experience and express their faith in their daily lives. The fellowship also holds many special events throughout the year including Christmas and Halloween parties. Arcus welcomes you to join them for fun, games, and lots of food!


Philei <>< is a fellowship group consisting of members with ages ranging from high school to university. The fellowship name comes from a combination of the Greek word “Philia” for friendship, and the Jesus Fish represented by the symbol <><. Together, it is also a play on the ever-popular McDonalds Filet-o-Fish burger. The fellowship holds bi-weekly topical bible studies and also gathers for Theology On Pop, which is a monthly group discussion on various topics of interest. Occasionally, the Philei <>< will also organize fellowship retreats and social get-togethers, going to places such as Center Island and Woodbine Beach. They are a vibrant group of motivated individuals who are always looking forward to welcoming new members!

(Currently on hiatus) 


At St. John’s we are committed to the next generation to grow in the love and grace of Jesus and to feel encouraged in their every-day relationship with Him. Our vision as a community is to walk alongside parents to provide youth with a safe community where they can grow, question, and learn about what it means to love God with everything they are, and to love their neighbours as themselves.

If you are between the ages of 13-18, then this is for you! St John’s youth group meets once a month to eat food, play games, and learn about life from a Christian perspective. Teens from all backgrounds are welcome to join! For more information please contact Pastor Ginnie Wong at