We believe that God deeply cares for kids and so at St. John’s we welcome all kids into our community! At SJ Kids we believe in supporting parents in helping their children discover the deep love of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to come alongside with parents and help them to make disciples of their family; figuring out how to use our lives to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

On Sunday mornings, we encourage families to worship together during our Sunday services. We hope to integrate children into the life of the church where they can grow in their relationship with their parents and with other generations. The sounds from children during a service are gifts that we embrace!

Our Sunday school program takes place at 11:30 am, meeting in the parish hall, after our English service. We provide a fun and safe environment for kids to learn about God’s deep love and how it is His love that motivates us to love others. Our goal is that through engaging in Christian community and encountering God’s Words, each kid at St. John’s will grow in their relationship with Jesus. For more information and / or to register for our bi-weekly newsletter, please contact Pastor Ginnie.