Kara Fellowship is geared towards those transitioning from Philei <>< Fellowship to careers and consists of young professionals in various stages of life and spiritual growth. Their purpose is to develop community, foster discipleship, grow in faith, and strengthen their relationship with God alongside people who resonate with similar life experiences. The fellowship meets at various times during the month for activities such as bible studies, group discussions, social outreach events, and participates in annual activities such as the Kara Winter Retreat. They are a warm, welcoming and tight-knit group who are always excited to meet new faces!


Independent Topical Studies:

Date - Second Friday of the Month

Location - St. John's

Time - 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Theology on Tap:

Date - Last Friday of the Month

Location - Fr. Jordan's Home

Time - 8:30pm to 11:00pm


Kara Fellowship's Annual Winter Retreat, 2016