Following the Sunday morning English Service, Adult Bible Study gathers together from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm to study the weekly liturgical scripture readings. Led by Fr. Jordan, their studies explore the Scriptures according to two traditional methods: the Literal and the Spiritual, the latter being subdivided into three additional methods. The literal sense is the meaning conveyed by the words of Scripture and discovered by exegesis, following the rules of sound interpretation: "All other senses of Sacred Scripture are based on the literal.” The spiritual sense. Thanks to the unity of God's plan, not only the text of Scripture but also the realities and events about which it speaks can be signs.

1. The allegorical sense: We can acquire a more profound understanding of events by recognizing their significance in Christ; thus the crossing of the Red Sea is a sign or type of Christ's victory and also of Christian Baptism.

2. The moral sense: The events reported in Scripture ought to lead us to act justly. As St. Paul says, they were written "for our instruction" (1 Cor 10:11; cf. Heb 3:1-4:11).

3. The anagogical sense: We can view realities and events in terms of their eternal significance, leading us toward our true homeland: thus the Church on earth is a sign of the heavenly Jerusalem.

If you'd like to participate in Adult Bible Study or would like more information, please contact Rev. Jordan Wellington.


Kara Fellowship is geared towards young professionals and young families between ages 25-35 in various stages of life and spiritual growth. Their purpose is to develop community, foster discipleship, grow in faith, and strengthen their relationship with God alongside people who resonate with similar life experiences. The fellowship meets at various times during the month for activities such as bible studies, group discussions, social outreach events, and participates in annual activities such as the Kara Winter Retreat. They are a warm, welcoming and tight-knit group who are always excited to meet new faces!


The Downtown Fellowship is a connect group that meets... Downtown! It is composed of adults from St. John’s that live, work, or study there. The members meet downtown on the third Thursdays of each month at 8 pm for people in various stages of their spiritual journeys. The Downtown Fellowship exists to provide people with a safe and encouraging environment to engage with the good news of Jesus Christ and to explore the meaning of being a disciple of Jesus. New members are always welcome! To connect with us contact Pastor Ginnie.

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